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    Concept and functioning

    what equipment material camera cam 360 lens for creating high quality 360 virtual tour for real estate ? sell rent home, flat, house, properties

    Choice and comparison of equipment

    How to shoot and publish  beautiful 360 virtual tour VR real estate properties home house to sell rent

    Everything to obtain great 360 virtual tours

  • YetiVisit Platform

    Concept and Functioning

    How to create yourself 360° virtual Tour with YetiVisit ?

    Equip with a smartphone, a camera or a 360° cam and take photographic shots (see compatible equipment).

    Then, import the photos onto our online YetiVisit platform, which will automatically create and assemble the 360° Virtual Tour, generating a link to copy/paste in order to share the online visit.

    She will instantly be displayed online and can be shown on your website, ad sites, social networks as well as be sent by email to your customers

    Why choose YetiVisit.com ?

    YetiVisit is the automated platform that creates 360° Virtual Tours for Real Estate, assembling photos from most 360 degree devices, smartphones, reflex and hybrid cameras, offering you high-quality 360° immersive virtual visit at an unbeatable price.

    In the past, in order to create a quality virtual tour, it was also necessary to master photo skills, software and computer: A great technicality was required for this laborious task that required time and specific knowledge (in photography, editing software and computer in order to host and disseminate the visit on the internet).

    Today, YetiVisit offers simplicity and speed by having combined all these stages and tools. The result? 5 minutes is enough for both the creation of the virtual visit as well as its online sharing.

    Save time and money, no need to be a technician and spend hours on site, the quality virtual visit is now democratized and accessible to all

    How long does a photo session take in order to create a virtual tour ?

    Approximately 1 minute per room, so 10 rooms represent 10 minutes

    How long does it take to create an immersive online Real Estate tour with YetiVisit ?

    The average time to create a complete 360 virtual tour with the automatic platform is 10 minutes

    What steps are required to create a tour on YetiVisit.com ?

    1. Transfer the photos to YetiVisit.com, the platform automatically assembles them and creates the 360 virtual tour.


    2. You can connect the rooms (hotspots), add a floor plan of house, put descriptive text on the accommodation, or add classic photos (all these steps are all optional).


    3. Your virtual tour is already online, copy and paste the automatically generated link from our platform and share it on all your ad sites, your website and social networks or send the link to your customers by email.


    4. Sit down with your coffee and enjoy greater visibility for your accommodations

    Can I spread my virtual tour on the internet ?

    Yes, once the virtual visit has been created on our online software through YetiVisit.com, a sharing link to broadcast the immersive visit on the internet is automatically generated (ad sites & social networks: Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin). An integration link is also created allowing you to integrate it directly onto your website

    What are the benefits for a real estate professional ?

    You can discover that in our article: Real Estate Pro: Stop Wasting Your Time !

    What are the benefits for a photographer ?

    Simplicity and speed of use of our fully automated platform makes it possible to assemble the photos amongst themselves as well as to create and instantly share the virtual tour on the internet.


    Once listed on our site, large real estate groups as well as individuals will be capable of calling upon your services in order to create virtual tours. A whole new market is now open to you

    How do I integrate my virtual tour onto my website ?

    From the visit created on the platform, an integration code is instantly provided to you. Simply copy and paste it into your website

    Can I customize my 360 virtual tour ?

    The virtual tour viewer already displays your information such as: Agent / Photographer, logo, and company name.

    Our platform is designed to be scalable, therefore further updates will offer you new and improved possibilities.

    However, if you want tailor-made tour or a specific improvement, do not hesitate to let us know - we will examine your request carefully


    On which electronic devices can the 360 virtual tours be viewed ?

    The virtual YetiVisit tour is cross-platform and is therefore compatible with all PC/MAC/Smartphones as well as Tablets that are currently present on the market.

    She is directly accessible without the installation of any specific application

    I’m a Real Estate pro, I do not want to invest time and do not want to buy any material, what solutions are available for me ?

    Upon request, we will provide you the contact details to a YetiVisit photographer that is located within your area

    My property is sold, are the images still on the internet ?

    360 Virtual tours of your accommodations can be deactivated at any time throughout your YetiVisit platform

    On what electronic devices can I create my YetiVisit virtual tour ?

    Our online creation platform can be used from all computers (PCs and Macs) that are connected to the internet.

    In the future, we plan to allow these virtual visits to be created from smartphones and tablets

    Can I publish my virtual tour on Real Estate ad sites?

    Yes, it is possible to copy/paste the link of the virtual visit onto the majority of current ad sites.

    Is it possible to make a 360 virtual tour for the Inspections / Move-in/out of accommodation?

    Yes, the virtual tour for the Inspections accommodation is highly recommended and is becoming more and more frequent.
    She facilitates on-site entry and exits: it avoids conflicts and saves time.

    YetiVisit offers a specific quality HD for the Inspections of the accommodation allowing to zoom inside the images without loss of quality.

    Thank you to contact us so that we can activate the "HD Status" option => info@yetivisit.com

    My accommodation does not exist yet, can I obtain a 360 virtual tour ? (3D 360° Modeling)

    Indeed, we also realize 3D virtual tours for planned accommodations.

    The concept is simple, send us a paper plan version of the 2D accommodation (top view) along with the sides (or by scale).

    As a result, we model the rooms in 3D and create the virtual 360° tour for you!

    You will find an example of a realization for a non-existent accommodation by clicking here

    Can I realize a Home Staging of my empty property ?

    Yes, simply create the virtual tour in the empty accommodation. We will then realize the virtual Home Staging for you

    I have a bare land, can I plant a house on it ?

    Of course, it is necessary to take a photo in order to obtain the 360° outdoor panorama of this piece of land.

    As soon as we receive this 360° panorama as well as the plans for the future housing, we model it in 3D on your land. See example here

    Can virtual tours also be viewed through a virtual reality headset ? (VR)

    Yes, the tour once generated can be viewed in a virtual reality headset for a better immersion of the future buyer or future tenant of the property.

    Thanks to hotspots (icons) that are present throughout the visit, the user can go from one room to the other by targeting them.

    To learn more about virtual reality headsets and the various existing models, you can read our article here

  • Equipment required to make a 360 virtual tour

    Choice and Comparison: Answers to frequently asked questions

    Which camera is necessary to achieve these 360° panoramas on YetiVisit?

    Three types of cameras exist (see the list by clicking here):

    - Smartphones (Apple, Samsung ...)

    - Reflex or Hybrid cases (all Canon/Sony/Nikon cameras with interchangeable lens).

    - The said 360° cameras(Ricoh Theta S/Samsung Gear 360°/LG Cam 360° / Panono).

    Reflex and Hybrid cameras offer unrivaled image quality. Sharpness, light balancing and photos in dark or backlit rooms are very well managed by the camera.


    The smartphones and so-called 360° cameras are very easy to use


    We have created a comparison of different cameras, find the results by clicking here (Sony A6000, Canon SLR camera, Ricoh Theta S and Samsung Gear 360°).

    Find the list of compatible equipment for our platform on this link: List of devices that are compatible with our virtual tour software

    In addition, we have produced several tutorial videos of these different devices:


    o Sony A6000 Tutorial Video

    o Boitier Canon Tutorial Video

    o Samsung Gear 360 Tutorial Video

    o Ricoh Theta S Tutorial Video

    What accessories are needed for the camera ?

    We have created partnerships and can provide you with the complete equipment or accessories that are needed in order to complete the equipment that is already in your possession.


    Here is the list of the recommended equipment in order to realize a virtual visit with a Reflex or hybrid case (view the list by clicking here):

    - A tripod with ball joint (the ball head at the top of the tripod allows to adjust the level)
    - A rotating head (allows for a 360° manual rotation)
    - A Fisheye lens (the angle of the lens is 180°)
    - A soft shutter release or a remote control (avoids blurring/shaking when shooting)
    - A memory card (to store photos)


    List of recommended equipment for a virtual tour with a 360° camera :

    - A tripod (the ball-head at the top of the tripod allows to adjust the level)
    - A smartphone (to be used as a remote control to trigger the shot)


    Can I acquire a virtual reality headset in order to let all my clients know about my accommodations ?

    Yes, you can certainly equip yourself with a virtual reality headset. Today, it’s very affordable from 30 Euros/CHF 30.- (for example the Google CardBoard). To help direct you in your choice, do not hesitate to consult our article here

    Wich equipment are compatible with YetiVisit ?

    We invite you to consult this document : List of equipment

    Where to find a rotating head ?

    For example, you can find the following items from our suppliers (see the list by clicking here)

  • Shooting

    Obtain Great quality Virtual Tours: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I create my first shooting with an HD camera?

    You can discover, through a video, the realization of a shot with the Sony A6000 and the body Canon

    How do I create my first shooting with a 360° camera?

    You can discover, through a video, the realization of a shot with the Samsung Gear 360 and the Ricoh Theta S

    In concrete terms, what does the equipment look like once installed ?

    What are the required steps for a 360° shooting?

    1. Unfold the tripod and place the camera on it.

    2. Turn the device On

    3. Check and adjust the level

    4. Check the brightness (exposure), adjust it if necessary by turning the dial

    5. Take the remote control, stand behind the camera and make a full 360° circle

    6. Repeat from point 3 for each new room


    * Before any photo shoot, check the charge of your batteries and the space available on the memory card of the camera

    What are the tips and tricks for taking the best 360° shots ?

    • With a camera (case or hybrid), you can obtain optimum brightness by simply turning the wheel. Check this exposure between each rotation (see video)
    • As much as possible, avoid placing the camera in front of mirrors in order to obtain a neutral result (without your reflection or that of the camera)

    What are the tips and tricks to avoid mismatches once the photos are assembled :

    •  The 3 feet of the tripod should be open at the same height (length)
    • During the 360° rotation, it is imperative not to move the tripod
    • When the tripod is installed in the room, it is important to adjust the level (operation to be performed once for each room)

    Shooting Time ?

    Approximately 1 minute per room so 10 rooms represents 10 minutes

    Do I need to edit my photos ?

    It is not recommended to do this to be sure that the automatic assembly is realized perfectly. However, for photographers, slight adjustments such as exposure, color balance and contrast can be changed after shooting, just before the integration onto the YetiVisit platform

    What is a Hotspot ?

    A hotspot is an icon within the 360 virtual tour - clicking on it allows to change rooms

    What is the difference between a panorama and a virtual tour ?

    A 360° panorama corresponds to a realized room, the virtual tour corresponds to all the 360° panoramas of each room, connected within all rooms of the house

    Some of my rooms are dark, do I need a flash ?

    La création de visite virtuelle ne nécessite pas de flash. L’appareil photo 360° gère automatiquement la luminosité. Les appareils types reflex / hybride gèrent également l’exposition, notez que pour un résultat optimal, seule l’exposition devra être réglée à l’aide de la molette

    360 degree Virtual tour creations do not require a flash. The 360° camera automatically controls brightness. The Reflex/Hybrid/Compact cameras also manage the exposure - note that for optimum results, only the exposure should be set using the dial

    How to avoid blurry 360 virtual tours ?

    When the camera's shutter-release button is pressed directly, it can move during shooting. In order to avoid any blurring or shaking that is visible within the picture, it is advisable to use a remote control or a soft shutter for your camera

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