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    The Switzerland startup YetiVisit SA offers a new angle for the real estate world by providing an automated online tool for creating high quality 360 ° virtual tours for real estate professionals and photographers.

    The majority of the smartphones and cameras are compatible, no technical knowledge is required to realize immersive 360 ​​° tours of homes for sale and rental.

    YetiVisit also provide 360° virtual home staging for existing house and 3D 360° virtual tour from floor plan for non-existing house



    Video presentation for real estate professionals : View here
    360 virtual tours of existing property: Example

    360 virtual home staging: Example 1 - Exemple 2

    3D 360 virtual tour from floor plan / non existing property: Exemple 1 - Exemple 2 - Exemple 3 - Exemple 4 "Commercial"
    Video extracted from 3D 360 virtual tour: Exemple

    Illustration 360 ° virtual tour and YetiVisit.com logo : download here (Jpeg format)

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